A New Election Law in Indonesia (from my point of view)

Do you agree or disagree with a new election law in Indonesia? The new law ends direct regional elections and empowering elected regional councils to appoint some candidates instead.

Indonesian lawmakers recently passed a law that ends direct elections for mayors or governors, and empowering elected regional councils to appoint them instead. Some people claim that direct elections is better than indirect because people can find by their self a right person to be a superb governor. Others cast doubts on these claims by referring to both of them have same consequences in chance getting right or wrong leaders.  From my point of perspective, as development of democracy, the idea of changing direct elections to be indirect elections is a decline. Therefore, I strongly agree with direct elections. My opinion is based on advantages and disadvantages of them.

Firstly, direct elections for governor will give opportunity to society to find a figure out, knowing deeply, and choose him or her to serve the society. As long as campaign period, people can search more information to know the candidates deeply. Including give any ideas or suggestions for any regional programs. It is different from indirect elections that empowering elected regional councils to appoint some candidates as instead. People may not agree with councils’s choice.  Secondly, by direct elections, people also take part in responsibility for their choice. People will be satisfied because be involved in making decision. If their choice is not as expected, at least people will face the consequences with better awareness.

Admittedly, direct and indirect elections take funds and both of them having risk in money politics. However, due to politicians’s negative behavior such as corruption and immoral cases, it made people loss trust of them. They really do not work to solve problems and serve society. It seems to me that they spend much time on personal and group wills. They are busy to reach money and power. If indirect election happens and the leader is not as expected, people will lose respect to ruler and rules. That can be trigger that shake the economic stability and rise a conflict.

Actually, a leading pollster showed more than 80% of Indonesians support direct elections. To sum up, direct elections for leader will educate people to more understand politics and involve them directly in democracy. Finally, direct election is better than entrust our voice to the council members.

PS: It is a practice in Independent Writing. Any reviews will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. :))

Depok, 29 September 2014.


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