Advantages of internet

Internet is one of most important inventions during 20th century because providing large amounts of information in various kinds. Some people say that the internet provides people with a lot of valuable information. Others somewhat agree that access to much information creates problem. From my point of view, I strongly agree that with internet likely people getting a lot advantages, which provide us tons of extremely useful information. My opinion in this essay will discuss four points regarding advantages of internet in further detail.

First, internet is available to people gain knowledge without border, finding new skills out, and/or strengthen any skills. For example, one whom could not cook at all can change to become an awesome chef after getting information some recipes any food from internet.  The unique, various, and valuable recipes of foods could make impression that the cooking is interesting. The other example, I got free a special program for English training because of using a lot of internet.

Second, internet connects people with their old and new friends. Any social media including email, Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, etc. likely people to reunite and keep friendships, and making new acquaintances. By social media people could sharing information, memories, greeting each other, and making relationship stronger. If you are lucky, you can find true love as well. Ah, let mercy come! Oops.

Third, internet could offer people things happened in every corner in the world. From a new scientific discovery in England to a plastics surgery trend in Korea, from a conflict in Palestine to a coup d’etat in Thailand. Indeed, the latest news and whispers in my country such as the new election law that gaining widespread criticism, misunderstanding politicians in distinguishing the phrases “walk out” and “all out”, and misleading concept in mathematics regarding 4×6 or 6×4. Please, don’t be surprised by any strange happenings in Indonesia, I love this country, anyway.

Fourth, people can use internet to be an instrument in politics and social movements. When a campaign periode in an election occurs, people can use internet to search information about the candidates as much as they want. People can use internet, especially media sosial for a movement. For instance, to against the unfair policies. People can report an important incident that might no mainstream media can reach at all, they also can share any ideas in a blog or other instruments that  enable to be widely distributed. Including to help an oppressed person and group, and anyone who need help.

Admittedly, there are some not true information exist in internet that can fool people and lead to any negative behaviors. Internet also can be a device in cheating and in any criminals or immoral behaviors. Nevertheless, as far as I am concerned, it depends on the users. Like a knife can be used to splitting the cake and can be used to hurt one. I am inclined to believe that internet has more advantages for useful things and can be a way to build a better world. So, give your positive minds to internet because positive attitude is contagious! That’s why I am sharing my mind on this page and wishing if it steals your thunder, will encourage you to sharing any good ideas as well.


It is practice in giving opinion by Independent Writing. Any reviews and helpful advice will be greatly appresiated. Thank you. :))

Indonesia, 01 October 2014


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