People Spend Much Time To Personal Enjoyment (From My Point of View)

Some people argue that for many reasons, most of people nowadays spend much time to personal enjoyment—doing things they like to do rather than doing things they should do. Others refute it because it is unreasonable to separate apart what people like to do and what they should do. As far as I concerned, in most cases people do more activities to personal enjoyment than do responsibilities which should be taken.  For instance, let’s take in general people who spend time with exploitation this nature to fulfill their needs rather than putting time to sustain it.

First, in fact there are more activities for entertaining or any works which heading to personal enjoyment rather than efforts for sustainable developments. For example, people spend much time to do things that consume much electricity and fuel oil, such as playing game, watching movies, and racing. But they just spend a little time or even not at all to involve in environmental conservation.

Second, the roaring development of modern technology most likely meet people’s pleasure needs. Admittedly, people need technology and to enjoy the life to treasure it. Nevertheless, the products of technology should not merely to have fun, but also to keep the earth sustainably. It appears to me that the technology products like a car and industrial machines mostly intend to pleasure activities. People create much technologies for satisfaction and less to think how to the technologies do not let this earth be heavy.

Third, people produce too much the daily stuffs for pleasure more than they need. Such as bottle drinks, food in large production which often be discarded redundant, and fashion. Most of people like fashion in clothing, wear foot, accessories, and make up as life style, which the materials are gained by exploration the nature, even color in cloth often is not environmentally friendly. However, they pay little time out to get involving activities in planting trees or forest protection which provide the materials in fashion. In addition, they take a bit activities in recycling and reusing activities.

In conclusion, I would argue that life style of people nowadays encourage them to spend much time to personal pleasure rather than responsibilities should be taken. They spend much time on exploitation natural resources and taking a little time on keeping the nature sustainably. It will mess our life up.

PS: It is practice in Independent Writing. Any reviews or helpful advice will be greatly appreciated. Thank you 🙂


Somewhere, 30 September 2014


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