About Me

Hello World, welcome to my Virtual Home!

I am Laeliyaa (Nur Laeliyatul Masruroh), a writer, Indonesian copy editor, and work on projects for NGOs in countering extremism, peace building, and capacity building. (Iki nek diterjemahke meng Indonesia angel tenan, jane kerjamu opo to Nduk? :))

I used to be a journalist for a daily newspaper, part time to be an actress for stage, and always love writing. I have work experiences in writing, as an internal writer and editor for a publisher. Moreover, I wrote a number articles and short stories for some magazines and website content. Sometimes, as ghostwriter as well. 🙂 

I gained a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Universitas Gadjah Mada.


As a writer, I published my own books

“Maju Bersama Masyarakat” (Penebar Swadaya, 2017), a nonfiction book.

“Romansa 50″ (Paragraf, 2016), a novel.

“Bukan Hanya Teman” (Paragraf, 2016), a fiction stories book.

“Runtuhnya Sang Penguasa” (Raih Asa Sukses, 2012), a nonfiction book.

Would you like to read my book? Kindly please click this! 😉


“Nomor Telepon Penting di Indonesia” (Raih Asa Sukses, 2013), a directory book.

Contributor for:

A Researh book with title “Perubahan Karakter Gerakan Sosial di Indonesia dalam Partisipasi Politik Pilpres 2014” (Abdurrahman Wahid Centre, 2017)

An anthology book with title “Dua Arus Selokan Mataram” (Elex Media, 2014).

An anthology book with title “Kejutan Sebelum Ramadhan” (Nulis Buku, 2013)

An anthology book with title “Seputih Salju Hidayah” (Alhambra, 2004)

An anthology book with title “Pulang” (Muslimah, 2003)

I translated a book from English to Indonesia:

“Belajar Sains di Dapur” (CIF, 2013). Original title: “Fizz in the Kitchen” (B Small Publishing Ltd., 2013), author Susan Martineau.

Contact : laeliyaa@gmail.com. Skype : Laeliyaa


When I lived in the cultural city of Jogjakarta 2000-2009, I acquainted with the art environment. On the fate and God’s grace, I feel lucky due to I have some art work experiences such as playing some roles for stage, indie movies, and sitcom on local TV. 🙂 I had a dream to be a movie star. Oops! 😀

Fellowship :

2015 – 2016: The academic program “Islam, Diversity and Peace Building” at The Adyan Institute, Beirut, Lebanon.

2007 – 2008 :  Actor’s Studio Fellowship, a program to learn about acting and develop the artistic competence, held by Teater Garasi  in collaboration with non-government organization of Dutch, the HIVOS.

Scientific Research Papers : 

1. Potret Dinamika Relawan Pendukung Joko Widodo di DKI Jakarta dan Media Sosial pada Pemilihan Presiden Indonesia 2014

2. The Structure and Development of Mistletoe Fruit (Macrosolen cochinchinensis Tiegh.): Undergraduate Thesis.

3. The Comparison of Anatomical Structure of Stems and Leaves of 3 Parasitic Flowering Plants (Dendrophthoe petandra Miq., Scurrula artropurpurea Dans., and Macrosolen cochinchinensis Tiegh.) and Their Interconnection with Host Plant Nerium oleander L.: Seminar (2003)

8 responses to “About Me

  1. bulakana

    Interesting.. keep it up in writing.

  2. bulakana

    Interesting. Keep it up
    regards from fiji

  3. afa

    biar bisa kayak mba laeliyaa ini gimana ya caranya? 😀

  4. mwamer1980

    You have an interesting profile. Regards from Palestine

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